Burial or Cremation.

In general, families in Ireland arrange a funeral ceremony or service to celebrate the life of their loved one. This could be in the form of a religious ceremony to be held in a church or other place of worship, or it could be a civil ceremony held in a location that was special to the deceased person. The committal can take the form of burial or cremation. 

This decision to have a burial or cremation is normally influenced by the wishes of the person who has died, family tradition or religious observance. The committal can take place as part of a funeral ceremony or separately to it.

A cremation is carried out at a registered crematorium and is sometimes preferred as an economical option to burial as it does not involve the cost or process of purchasing a grave. Once cremated the deceased’s ashes are returned to the family in a chosen urn. There are additional fixed costs to the interment of ashes at a cemetery or a niche in a columbarium, but these do vary. We can advice on interment costs when you have identified a location.

Burial is amore traditional form of committal for a deceased person. It involves the opening of a family or established grave to facilitate the burial, there are costs to opening the grave but this is not as expensive as purchasing a new grave. Purchasing a new grave or plot can be expensive depending on the chosen location. We have an extensive knowledge of cemeteries in the country and associated fixed costs.

We will advise you on all costs, but you should always bear in mind what is affordable to you and your family. Whatever the decision we will ensure that the funeral for your loved one will be at the highest standard. 

The purchase of a new plot or niche is a contract between the family and the diocese or local authority administering the cemetery. We can assist you with arranging this however this disbursement must be paid at the time of arranging the funeral .

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