Funeral Costs and Questions to consider....

At Carroll & Fitzgerald we understand that arranging a funeral can be a difficult experience for family and friends of the deceased.  We know that funeral costs can be of a concern for anyone responsible for arranging a funeral.  We are committed to assisting you arrange a funeral which is a bespoke tribute to your loved one and which will always be in accordance with the family’s wishes and financial circumstances.

Funerals can vary greatly in cost, and this will depend on all the different elements and choices made by the family. 

The funeral costs are divided into two areas,  there are the the Disbursements which are made on your behalf by the Undertaker to the bodies involved in a funeral. These include the Church, the County Councils overseeing the Graves and Crematoriums. The Disbursements are fixed costs in that they are specific charges and apply in terms of grave openings, , music options, church offerings, newspaper or online notices, flowers, organist and other musicians, soloist and  funeral stationery.

The purchase of a new plot or niche in a columbarium is arranged directly with the Diocese or County Council overseeing the administration of the cemetery. We can assist you with the arrangements, however as the purchase of the plot or niche is a contract between the family and the authority this disbursement must be paid at the time of arranging the funeral.

The second area of costs are for the services provided by Carroll and Fitzgerald acting as your Funeral Director. They will include the coffin or casket, hearse and limousine transport, habit/shroud, embalming or other services requested by the family for the funeral.

At Carroll and Fitzgerald we will guide you through the various choices and costs so that you can make an informed decision.

At every stage, we advise the family or person responsible for arranging the funeral of the costs involved and will, where possible, offer a range of options at varying price points. 

When the funeral arrangements have been agreed, we will provide the family or person responsible with a detailed breakdown of the specific charges which make up the funeral cost.

We will always discuss and agree funeral costs when the arrangements are being made unless the family or person responsible for arranging the funeral requests that they would prefer not to discuss costs at this time.

Questions to consider when making funeral arrangements

Here are some questions to bear in mind when starting to arrange the funeral, there may be many more. We will be on hand to advise on every aspect of the funeral.

Will the funeral be a burial or cremation?

Consider the type of coffin or casket you would like?

Do you have a family plot or need to consider buying one?

Will the service be religious or civil?

Where do you want to hold the service - in a church, funeral home, crematorium or at home?

Do you want to have a removal on the day of the funeral or on the evening before?

When do you want to have the funeral?

Consider relatives travelling from abroad, will the  day of the funeral need to be delayed?

Where do you want the deceased to repose – at their home, in a hospital or hospice?

Consider the clothes the deceased will wear when reposing?

Will you need transport on the day of the funeral, additional limousines for the family?

Will you want to publish a death notice in a national newspaper, local radio or on line? 

Consider the wording and who should be included in this notice? 

Do you require music for the funeral service?

Are you going to use Mass/service booklets?

Do you want a photograph to be placed on coffin during the service?

Is there a special route or area you want to make a commemorative stop at on route?

Will the family want to carry the coffin at the funeral?

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