Family Plots, Graves and Cremation Interments


Burial is amore traditional form of committal for a deceased person.

Family Plot

If you have a family plot in any cemetery and the wish is to inter the deceased there we can liaise with the local County Council or Parish who over see the governance and maintenance of the cemetery.  This will involve the opening of the family or established grave to facilitate the burial, there are costs to opening the grave but this is not as expensive as purchasing a new grave.


Purchasing a new grave or plot can be expensive depending on the chosen location. We have an extensive knowledge of cemeteries in the country and associated fixed costs. We will liaise with the County Council or Parish overseeing the cemetery to establish if there are plots available and identify the costs of purchasing the plot and any associated costs in opening the grave for committal.

Cremation interments

Following cremation the deceased remains are collected in an urn chosen by the family. There is an option of interment for the urn and many church yards and cemeteries provide a dedicated area or a columbarium for this. Families may be able chose a position in the cemetery to inter the remains. If this is the wish of the family we can liaise with the County Council or Parish overseeing the cemetery to establish availability, and identify the costs.

We will advise you on all costs, these costs for interment are know as disbursements, they are fixed costs charged to the family by the authorities overseeing the cemeteries. You should always bear in mind what is affordable to you and your family. 

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