A humanist funeral is a non-religious ceremony that focuses on the life the person has led, rather than a particular faith they may have had.

Humanist funerals mark the passing of a loved one by balancing the sadness and the sense of loss with a celebration of the life that was lived and is now ended.  

This is achieved with thoughtful reflections from family and friends and can be interspersed with music and appropriate, well-chosen words from the celebrant.

Humanist funerals follow a similar structure as a religious funeral, with readings, music and eulogies, but without the mention of a God or faith.

Some Humanists prefer not to be cremated or buried traditionally but instead request to have their interment within a Natural Green Burial site similar to Woodbrook Natural Burial Ground or Knockma Woodland Burial Ground.

At Carroll and Fitzgerald we would be happy to discuss and arrange this option. Please click on either of the links to find out more information on natural burial grounds.

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